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South Fayette Soccer Association

Grade 8-12 Recreational League

SFSA is excited to offer a new opportunity in the Fall for older South Fayette kids, in grades 8-12.  Registration opens May 1!

South Hills 5v5 Rec League

Format:  Co-ed, Small Sided Game Structure 

Game Time Parameters: Saturdays 11:30 AM kick off to 4:30 kick off  

Field/Goal size:  25x45 Yards (typical U10 sized field and goals)

Play Format:  Coed 5v5 or 6v6 (depending on field size) 

Referee:  official refs 

Duration: 2  30-minute halves, 5 minute halftime 

Substitutions:  Unlimited and on the fly 

Ages: Grades 8-12 

Player Eligibility: Rec or current D6/5 Travel level.  (This is not for cup players. High School players would need to petition for approval.)

Locations:  Home games expected to be at Preservation Park, or other locations in the South Hills area:  (Brookline, Greentree, KO, Baldwin, Collier, Scott, South Park, USC, Peters, Canon Mac, Jefferson Hills, West Mifflin, Mt. Lebanon)   

League Philosophy 

  1. Sportsmanship and enjoyment of the game in a semi-competitive, hybridized rec/travel league 
  2. Play with few stoppages and many touches on the ball due to small-sided format and subbing on fly 
  3. Community competition with very limited travel distance (in house philosophy but amongst nearby communities) 
  4. No over coaching - team managers are there to guide subs and discuss tactics with the players. We encourage player input and leadership as much as possible. 
  5. Play with friends is encouraged, no tryouts 
  6. To continue love of and enhance the game via low pressure, competitive, free play style, enjoyable soccer with limited financial and time commitment 
  7. Teams are structured by participating communities so that they are as equal in ability as possible.  We strive for parity among teams and within the league. 
  8. Hard rule - grades 8-12 and it is up to all participating communities to let constituents know the breadth of the age groups included.  
  9. If the scores are out of control because some teams are much stronger, the game can be called complete by the end of the first half.  For the second half, players from each team can mix it up.  Players love nothing more than to score on each other.  The 2nd half does not count toward standings.  Score stands at the completion of the 1st half. 
  10. RESPECT -- No team should be blowing out another team.  The mission here is to build camaraderie.  It's going to be a long season for the team blowing out everyone, especially when game cancellations start happening on them.  Balance it and keep the peace. 

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