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In House Referees

Those interested in becoming an In-House Referee should email SFSA at [email protected].

In-house Referees must be at least 12 years of age and in 6th grade or higher. 

Pay for In House Referees:

 - U8: $15/game

 - U10 or U12: $15/game as a side ref, $20/game as a head ref

Please refer to the Laws of the Game guidelines for official rules:

Soccer: Laws of the Game Guidelines

Items needed to referee:

 - WhistleYou must have a whistle – BLOW WHISTLE LOUD SO ALL PLAYERS AND COACHES CAN HEAR!  The Mini Fox 40 or the Fox 40 whistles are recommended. The pea style whistles are much more difficult to use.
 - StopwatchYou must have a standalone stopwatch or watch with a stopwatch feature – you can not use a cell phone to keep track of time!!  
 - Cleats - suggested, especially if it is muddy
 - Water and Snack

Web Site for In House Referee Scheduling


SFSA organization number:  205474.

Additional Instructions:

  • Sign up student referees on the web site.  If a referee is under 13, parents will need to use their own date of birth, email address and cell phone number.  Once a referee is 13, you can input the referee's actual date of birth, but it may still be advisable for parents to use their own email addresses and cell phone numbers for receiving assignments since students under 16 cannot drive themselves to their assignments.
  • It is optional but highly recommended to download the HorizonWebRef app to your phone for ease of setting availability and viewing/accepting/declining assignments.
  • Set up your phone to receive alerts from the app, which are helpful for setting availability and checking game status.  Be sure to request email alerts from the website.
  • Once logged into the app, set availability for all Saturdays during the season.  For example screen shots, click here.
  • When you receive an assignment, please either accept it or decline it as soon as you can.  If an assignment is declined, it needs to be assigned to another available referee in a timely manner.
  • Try to wear a color other than green or white as a referee since the In House teams wear green and white.
  • Arrive 15 minutes before game time and bring a whistle and stopwatch.  Do not plan to use a phone to keep time.

Grade 8 Referees (for Travel program)

Those interested in becoming a Grade 8 Referee, which will enable you to referee Travel games, should go to the PAWest Referee website for more information.  Training (both online and in person) and clearances are required.  Training fees will be reimbursed by SFSA.

Pay for travel referees as of Sept 2023:
 - U10-U12: $45 center ref/$35 assistant ref
 - U13-14: $50 center ref/$40 assistant ref
 - U15-17: $60 center ref/$45 assistant ref

Email [email protected] for more information. 

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