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Travel Program

For players seeking a soccer environment more competitive than In House soccer, our Travel program is an option. Travel teams begin with U9 players. Pending the number of registered players, the SFSA forms teams from U10 to U18 and if necessary, will combine age groups to sufficiently roster a team (for example : U9 with U10 or U11 with U12). The travel league is run by PAWest. This league has Divisions 4, 5, and 6 with Division 4 being the most competitive. The games are typically played against teams such as Upper St. Clair, Canon-Mac, Peters Township, and Wheeling. Division 4 teams will sometimes travel further distances, playing local teams along with teams from Erie, Altoona, Johnstown, and Clarksburg WV.

Teams are assembled by the SFSA Board using evaluations from an outside and independent source and coaches' input. See the Travel Team Formation page for more details.  The evaluations are done each spring. Our objective is to place teams/players in the most appropriate division where teams/players will have a sufficient level of competition to advance their development. All players will be assigned to a team except in extenuating circumstances.   Attending an evaluation in the spring is mandatory in order to be to be placed on a travel team for the following fall or spring season.  Those not attending an evaluation will be referred to the inhouse program.

Coaches often run one or two practices a week. Practices are typically held from Monday through Friday during the 5:30 PM to 8:00 PM timeframe. Game are officially supposed to be scheduled on Sundays after 12 PM; however, make up games can be scheduled on other days of the week also. Under extenuating circumstances such as player availability, a team may not practice and just play the game on Sunday. Practices and games are typically held on the fields at Hogan, Fairview Park, Preservation Park, or the South Fayette School District campus. 

Each player is required to wear shin guards. Player provided soccer spikes are optional but highly recommended (players may not wear football spikes, baseball spikes or metal spikes of any kind). Players must bring a size 4 or size 5 soccer ball (as appropriate for the age group) and something to drink to all practices and games.

For games, players must wear SFSA commissioned uniforms consisting of SFSA green or white jersey, black shorts and black socks.  Uniform purchase information is available on the Travel Uniform page.

SFSA Programs After U12

U14 Travel Program

Many people do not realize that SFSA soccer continues after U12, as we do have a U14 program!  Others do know, but are hesitant to sign up in the Fall due to middle school soccer, cup and other conflicts.  Here are a few details on timelines and expectations for U14 Travel that will hopefully clarify some concerns.

U14 Travel details:
There are no evaluations for U14, only registration.  At the U14 level, the kids will play 11v11, with games on a full-size field, which is nearly double the field used for U12 (9v9).  Practices are traditionally 1-2 weeknights, same as U10/U12, located at one of our 3 soccer field locations or at the school.  Home games are currently played at the school stadium.  Uniforms are the same travel kits.  There are 7-8 games, played on Sundays in the same South District, during the same travel season as U10 and U12.

5v5 Co-Ed League (8-12 grade): 
This is a great opportunity for our U14 8th graders and up who want to play recreationally and for the social aspect.  Games are played on a small field.  Expectation is that they would practice once a week, with games on Saturdays against other teams in the South Hills.  The season also runs early September thru October.

Middle School soccer (through the school, not SFSA):
Middle school is only available for South Fayette U14 7th and 8th graders.  There are tryouts in August and there is a possibility of cuts. Playing time is not guaranteed.  (Last year, the boys did not have cuts, but the girls did.)  The season is short, about 6 weeks starting the week school starts, but it is intense.  Last season ran from about the first week of school through the first week of October.  Practices or games are every day after school, for the most part and nothing on weekends.

So, what does that all mean?  Well, every situation is different, but as far as SFSA Travel goes...

- A rising 6th grader, not playing cup:  U14 Travel is a great option.

- A rising 6th grader playing cup:  Would be similar to how things have always been in U10/U12...with the opportunity to keep playing with their SF friends.  Expectation would be to try and make at least one practice a week and games.

- A rising 7th grader, not playing cup, not trying out for middle school:  U14 Travel is a great option.

- A rising 7th or 8th grader, not playing cup, trying out for middle school.  This is tricky, because sign-ups for Travel are in May, and tryouts for Middle school are not until August.  Before making a decision, consider the following:  There is no guarantee that your kid will make the MS team.  If they do, playing time is not guaranteed.  Also, middle school practice/games do not typically overlap...and the travel season is at least 3 weeks longer.  So, Travel presents an opportunity for the kids to get more playing time, and is a good backup plan for anyone who does not make the middle school team.  (If kids do make the middle school team, the expectation is to try and make one practice a week during the middle school season, and games.)

- A rising 7th or 8th grader, playing cup, trying out for middle school.  This is also tricky, for the same reasons mentioned above, but could be more complicated and time consuming.  You could still consider signing up for Travel, with the expectation that kids try and attend practice once a week and the Sunday games, depending on the outcomes of cup and middle school tryouts.

- A rising 8th grader, not playing cup, not trying out for middle school:  U14 Travel is an option if they still meet the birth year requirement, but could also consider the 5v5 recreational league which may be a better one.

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